What’s new with my horror!

Fighting through a few delays, I’m finally getting caught up on some of the Puzzle Box Horror (PBH) front! We have started so receive some of the magazines, Atlas of Lore #1 Oregon, as well as getting some reviews in! Seeing what our tribe thinks of our passion makes us all over-joyed! Don’t forget to […]

What does a writer’s workspace look like? Well….

Describing my can be rather difficult. I move from here to there as I feel called to write in those areas. For the sake of the prompt, however, let’s talk about my favorite one. The patio outside my small apartment, it’s way more open and always has a breeze. Being inside I tend to feel […]

Time of Day

Each day has its significant meaning in the pagan path, so why would the time of day have them as well. Like most things, we believe all numbers will hold a spiritual connection to our energy; which in turn can add to our crafting & castings. Let’s take a look at the blocks of time, […]

The Big Day

The big day is finally here, website built and almost ready for a full launch. I have wanted and waited for this moment for a long time. For months I sat back plotting, thinking, and wondering what it could be if…. All of the what ifs piled up and really became an eye sore in […]

12 Common Altar & Magickal Tools

There is an endless list of items that can fall into a list like this, depending on what magick and path you practice. Don’t feel limited to what I have listed here as it is meant to be a general beginner’s list of items, the more you practice the more items you will find you’ll […]

Labels, Labels, Labels

Today we face the hard road of “what am I?” With 100’s of ‘Pagan’ faiths to follow how do you choose which one is right for you, let alone finding your personal brand of magick to practice. Everyone has heard the statement “all witches are Pagan, but not all Pagans are witches”, but what does […]


Welcome all to Modern Cauldron777! Merry Meet and Blessing! We have finally made it to the building-a-website phase! For any new followers just joining us, welcome! We do request you keep a steady flow of hot tea or coffee for our visits together, comfy blankets are also welcome. At Modern Cauldron you will find, the […]